Blogiversary, My New Biz, and a Special Deal for You (make sure you read to the bottom)

Happy 13-month Blogiversary to Enter: Adulthood!

(I missed the one year mark…so let’s just go with 13 months.)

This website started out as a guide and resource to young 20somethings entering adulthood.  The idea came to me when my brother graduated college, moved across the country, and started living in “the real world.”  Whenever he called home, he would say, "What other adult things do I need to know about?"

I quickly realized though that tips and tricks to entering “adulthood” wasn’t all that was needed.  20somethings needed encouragement, empowerment, and community.  It wasn’t about the factual information on how to rent an apartment - it was about the struggles with career, relationships, and personal life.  

Most of all, I realized that 20somethings simply just want to be heard.  They want to know they are not alone.  They want to know that everything they are going through is normal and par for the course.  

Adulthood isn’t easy, but you have the power to choose how easy it is going to be for you.  It’s about your mindset.  How are you going to react to certain situations?  That’s your choice.  It may not be your choice on whether you get laid off or not, but you have a choice to do something about it, and more importantly, it’s your choice to have a certain outlook on it.  If you are negative, then your life will be negative.  If you are positive, then your life will be positive.  It’s really that simple.

So pick something positive to focus on and notice your mood shift.

As you have noticed, the past few months have been dedicated to YOU.  Every week, I post two guest articles on their entrances into adulthood.  These posts have spanned so many different categories and perspectives…I urge to you look back through the last few months to check out these wonderful 20somethings willing to share their stories with you.  I will be continuing this into the new year, as I keep receiving requests.  Fill out this form if you are interested.


***As for me, I’ve been busy working on my new project.  I, like you, have been struggling with what I’m meant to do when I grow up.  I decided to combine two of my interests into my new business.  

  • Work/Life Balance Issues
  • Wellness/Fitness/Nutrition

My years in corporate advertising prompted me to want to help people achieve balance in their lives — as I was one person who did not have that.  I worked, worked, and worked.  My health suffered.  My body rebelled.  And that pissed me off.  My body and my mind are most important…so why was I not taking care of them?  

People look to their places of work to give them balance.  That’s not how it works.  It’s up to you.  You have to take control.  You have to make yourself happy.  So that’s what I’m here to help you with.  

Define Your Balance.  Find Your Center.  Unleash Your Sexy.

You can do it.  Don’t wait for others to do it for you - because they never will.  Taking care of yourself is number one.  When you feel good about yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Sign up here for a free membership to my new business.  I’ve been working behind the scenes to make it especially for you - the person who has stopped putting themselves first.  (More information at the link plus the recording of the “Create Your Wellness Lifestyle” webinar I did last week.)



Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  Deals Deals Deals.  I want in on this too.

The Conquer Your Career e-guide is going to be available for $5 starting today (Thursday November 24) and ending Monday, November 28 at 11:59pm EST.  

Use this code: turkey

Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful weekend!

- Diana

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