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This week has been all about me on the Internet.  I swear I didn’t plan for all of this to happen in one week.  To make it easy, here are the links of where I’ve been featured lately. 

Have an amazing weekend!  I will be on a short mini-vacation in Long Beach Island (that’s the real Jersey Shore people) with family until Wednesday and then I’m heading to Vegas for a wedding from Thursday to Tuesday!  But I’ll still be around this blog and twitter early next week. :)

Ammmaaazing interview with Betty Jean Bell of LoveYourWorkLife.com on why I made a career change and survived it (plus tips for you), how I started Enter: Adulthood, and a special discount for the Conquer Your Career e-guide.  (+more)

Blog Radio interview with Will Deyamport III of Peoplegogy on turning your passion into a career, choosing a college major, discovering your strengths, and my #1 rule for career development.  (+more, and discounts!)

QLC Series Post on Life With Pho: When Plans Don’t Go According to Plan (Check out the rest of the QLC Series bloggers as well!  Perfect stories to help us realize that we are not alone.)

ChaChanna Simpson is featuring Brilliant. Brazen. Broads. on her new site YourStellarStar.com - a site for women looking to break out of the 9-5 and start their own businesses.  Here is my story.

I am now a weekly contributor on iGrad sharing survival tips for work!  Woohoo!  This week’s post is How to Negotiate Normal Working Hours.  What ever happened to leaving work at a decent hour?

As you (may) know, I am one of the bloggers on PrettyYoungProfessional.com - This week’s post: Is it all about love?

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